Interview on Kathmandu Post

Mr. Mahendra Man Shakya, Managing Director from SEE interviewed by Kantipur published on Kathmandu post. SEE would special thanks ICIMOD for their initiation and support for interview.

CBFEWS Caretakers in Alital Set the System Right!

The CBFEWS installed at Alital, Dadeldhura by Oxfam monitors the Rangoon River for generating flood early warning for downstream community at Jogbuda, Dadeldhura. Recently, the waterproofing sealant on the sensor developed a small porous leak which allowed moisture to seap through and cause leakage currents to pause the sensor operation. The appointed caretaker for the…

Flood at Khokhana, Lalitpur

  Due to the regular rainfall in Kathmandu valley, the water level at Khokhana have been increasing expeditiously. The maximum water level measured was 3.65 metres by the CBFEWS instrument. With this rainfall pattern, the probability for the water level to rise is higher.