Flood Risk Warning System At Thuligadh And Aurahi Watershed

With collabration with USAID pani program,installation of 2 sets of water level monitoring systems were accomplished by SEE at Thuligadh river at B.P. Nagar as well at Aurahi river at Thakurbaba . Low cost technologies were implemented for Water Level Monitoring and Flood Risk Warining. The ‘Monitoring Unit’ or MUs were installed independently overlooking the…

CBFEWS at Afghanistan

Community-based flood early warning systems (CBFEWS) are low-cost, community-run systems that are easy to run and repair; give speedy warnings when rivers rise; and are being piloted, improved, and operated through ICIMOD programmes across the Hindu Kush Himalaya. ICIMOD’s focus has been on developing and disseminating technologies that can be operated by communities themselves to…

Community Based Flood Early Warning System at Khando River, Saptari

The approach of integrating technology and community in an effort to save people’s lives while also empowering and uplifting the community through establishing CBFEWS in up-stream at Khando River, Saptari and making safe down-stream Community. With the collaborative efforts between Rural municipality of Tilathi Koiladi ICIMOD, Sabal Nepal and SEE, CBFEWS instrument sets was installed…

Installation of Telemetry Based Water Level Monitoring System at Rapti River, Naumure

A system monitoring the water depth of the Rapti River of Naumure, Dang districts of Western Nepal for analytical purposes in the establishment of the Naumure river hydropower plant in an initiative of Environment Resource and Management Consultancy, Nepal (ERMC), Telemetry based Water level Monitoring System perfectly showcases the full capacity of the instrument developed.

Installation of CBFEWS at Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

ICIMOD has worked with communties all over the HKH to safegaurd the lives of over 200,000 people through the use of Community based flood early warning system (CBFEWS. With help from Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) and WWF Pakistan, CBFEWS was recently installed at Kharbachong, Ghanche district in Baltistan, Pakistan.