Services & Solutions

SEE is a socially responsible organization providing sustainable solutions in the energy sector and appropriate technologies for community development and disaster prevention support; categorically listed as:



SEE offers its expertise for engineering consultation in the field of civil, electrical, and mechanical works for new construction development; home and office audio-visual setup and rectification of Building maintenance, renewable energy as well as water supply system.

Research, Design, and Development:

Comprising of proactive and innovative team members, the company is capable of carrying out research works on multiple disciplines of engineering and improvise the existing technology, incorporating simplified technology and locally available resources.

Some of the successfully carried out research and development works are as follows:

R&D on CBFEWS instrument.

Alternate Energy and Energy Management:

One of our specialization is on providing alternate energy solutions alongside mainstream grid power. Keeping in view of the inadequate availability of electricity in various parts of Nepal SEE, with its own innovation has been offering services

including photovoltaic solar electrification, energy-efficient lighting and automation, motion sensor based water lifting/pumping, and solar-powered irrigation pumping system. Depending upon the need of the customer and the surrounding environment, SEE provides a customized service and support.

Alongside these, SEE also offers the service of installation of alternate energy like solar power plants and micro hydropower.

Solar Power Water Pumping System
Solar Power Water Pumping System Installed by ECCA at Lumbini for irrigation

Repair and Maintenance:

Addressing the growing need of proper and systemic repair and maintenance works in the professional and service institutions, SEE has an efficient team that can support the repair and maintenance works that needs to be carried out to maintain physical infrastructures. Contract based maintenance work is carried out with the institutions for such works on a periodic or long-term basis and a contract based tasks are also handled by SEE.

The services offered through repair and maintenance are:

  • Electrical and electronics maintenance
  • Carpentry, painting, and masonry maintenance
  • Plumbing and sanitation maintenance
  • Miscellaneous: wielding, aluminum structures (doors and windows), etc.