Executive Profile

Mahendra Man Shakya, Managing Director

Mr. Mahendra Man Shakya is the Managing Director at Sustainable Eco Engineering P. Ltd., an engineering solutions company dedicated to perpetuating social and environmental welfare. Mr. Shakya has served in his current position since December of 2009 after being appointed by SEE’s founding board of governors and has played a key role in guiding and leading the company through its achievements for the challenges presented over the years.

Mr. Shakya has brought to SEE a rich experience garnered from his wide experience in technical and managerial positions, reflected throughout his tenure as director. Before joining SEE, he previously served as the Electrical Department head in the Obayashi Corporation; Project Site manager for the Teku Transfer Pilot project with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); Administrative and Procurement Manager in the Triveni Petrochem Project and the Electrical Section Head in the Dubai Metro Rail Consortium (DuRL).

Joining in the initial Solar Tuki project with the Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), Mr. Shakya has been one of the pioneering members of the SEE family and has guided the company from strength to strength. With key strategic contacts, SEE transitioned into manufacturing turbines for Micro Hydro power companies and their control circuits in early 2010. This was a major leap as well as an achievement for SEE into becoming a capable solutions company. With changing markets and sound expertise in electrical solutions, under the guidance of the Managing director, SEE expanded its scope into Solar Electric solutions for home and industries as well as Solar water pumping for drinking water and Irrigation solutions adhering to its vision of environmental progress and welfare. Near the same time in 2010, SEE was presented with the opportunity to manufacture a water level detecting device for the Community Based Flood Early Warning (CBFEWS) project to be piloted by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). Under the sound guidance and technical supervision of experts from ICIMOD, SEE manufactured the Water Level Monitoring System in 2011. The partnership with ICIMOD initiated by Mr. Shakya has proved to be momentous in establishing SEE as a competent systems developer, manufacturer and a social welfare company. Through CBFEWS implementations with ICIMOD across many years, SEE has been able to expand its capacity on multiple fronts including risk and vulnerability assessment for flood prone communities as well as developing wireless interconnected systems with telemetry for flood early warning and water level monitoring in 2016. SEE has also simultaneously continued to expand its solutions portfolio with successful solutions in Smart Home Setup, Industrial Automation, Energy monitoring and management, and the Internet of Things.

In Mr. Shakya’s leadership SEE has made strides from its humble beginnings into a progress minded company seeking to become a leader in the field of engineering solutions and technological innovations; abiding by its vision of perpetuating social and environmental welfare and progress.