CBFEWS at Afghanistan

Community-based flood early warning systems (CBFEWS) are low-cost, community-run systems that are easy to run and repair; give speedy warnings when rivers rise; and are being piloted, improved, and operated through ICIMOD programmes across the Hindu Kush Himalaya. ICIMOD’s focus has been on developing and disseminating technologies that can be operated by communities themselves to generate warnings to villages downstream. This approach, beginning with a project in Assam and expanding through piloting and feedback, is now being implemented in Afghanistan, other parts of India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

ICIMOD partnered with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Energy and Water and Aga Khan Agency for Habitat to successfully install CBFEWS in Pariyan and Peshghor districts of Panjshir Province with technical support from SEE. The system will serve to minimize flood risks through the generation and dissemination of real-time flood early warning and raise awareness on good governance practices in flood risk management. .
Photos: courtesy of Aga Khan Agency for Habitat .

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