CBFEWS Caretakers in Alital Set the System Right!

The CBFEWS installed at Alital, Dadeldhura by Oxfam monitors the Rangoon River for generating flood early warning for downstream community at Jogbuda, Dadeldhura. Recently, the waterproofing sealant on the sensor developed a small porous leak which allowed moisture to seap through and cause leakage currents to pause the sensor operation.

The appointed caretaker for the system, Mr. Yadav Bogati informed of the situation to Sustainable Eco Engineering (SEE) when he noticed the data not being uploaded from the system. The problem was thus quickly identified in consultation with the engineers at SEE and a simple sensor replacement was identified to rectify the issue. A spare sensor and a few tools were sent over from Sustainable Eco Engineering and the caretakers were instructed to refer to the manual and their notes from the Hands-On training provided by ICIMOD. The dispatched sensor was received by Mr. Amar Saud who collaborated with the caretaker for the repair operation. The team at Alital thus worked together to complete the replacement and soon after bring the system back into operation.

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