CBFEWS installation in Gagan River, Siraha

The Community Based Flood Early Warning System (CBFEWS) has been implemented along the Gagan River flowing through Nepal and into India. The Gagan River is a trans-boundary river between Nepal and India, originating in the Siwalik Hills and flowing through the Terai region of Nepal –the northern extension of the Indo-Gangetic plain—and into India through Bihar.

The telemetry based CBFEWS instrument is designated to be installed at Balahi, Siraha to act as a source for flood early warning and facilitate complete implementation of CBFEWS.

Gagan River
Flash Flood in Gagan River

It disseminates information to the vulnerable communities downstream through a network of communities and government bodies. A properly designed and implemented system can save lives and reduce property loss by increasing the lead time to prepare and respond to floods.

Installation of Data Acquisition unit in Gagan River
Data Acquisition Unit
Data Acquisition Unit installed at Balahi, Siraha

Data Acquisition unit periodically monitors the water level of the river through its contactless ultrasonic based technology and transmits the measurements wirelessly to the Data Upload unit.

Data Upload unit
Installed Data Upload unit at Siraha with caretaker Manoj Singh(left)


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